Welcome to Brassy Butterfly Pole Dancing Studios

Portland Studio

The original studio offers a fully mirrored dance space with five 15-foot tall stainless steel poles powder-coated in all our favorite colors. Located at 1121 N. Loring Street near the Rose Quarter, we are conveniently close to downtown and the MAX line, with plenty of parking as well.

Eugene Studio

Áine began teaching Brassy Butterfly pole classes at Core Star Center in 2012. Currently there are three 14-foot tall, 1.5" diameter poles installed and two more poles will be added soon. The studio also features one fully-mirrored wall and a padded floor - perfect for floorwork!
At Brassy Butterfly, we are an inclusive pole dance community encouraging people of all body types, genders, orientations, professions, and (almost) all ages to experience this unique and exciting art form. Whether you are looking for new skills to add to your dancing repertoire, an incredible daily workout, an activity that boosts your confidence, or an out-of-the-ordinary bachelorette party venue, you can find it at Brassy Butterfly.