Not all workouts require weights

Beginner Pole

A class for newcomers of all shapes and sizes ready to get their feet wet in this exciting art and exercise form. Beginner pole dancing focuses on fluid movement around the pole, basic spins and climbing techniques, as well as floor work.

Intermediate Pole

Intermediate classes are for pole dancers who are confident about their abilities and have mastered spins with proper technique and form. You have your basic inversion and are building your core strength for an aerial inversion.  This class will introduce you to more challenging moves as you climb to new heights.

Advanced Pole

This class covers the most advanced techniques and is designed to put your workout and pole movements together.  We defy gravity as athletic and graceful flow of advanced pole tricks and transitions are developed.  Please consult the instructor to determine whether you qualify for this class.

All-Levels Class

The All-Level class will start with basic skills and will then build into more challenging tricks and technique. Everyone from beginner to advanced students can benefit from this class.

FloorWerk and Exotic Choreography (Russian Exotic)

Kick up your cardio with this intense and sexy workout. Learn how to create a flow of energy between movements as you learn interesting and new floor work, footwork, pole work, body rolls, leg teases and more! Be prepared to work and tone your abs, thighs, gluts, arms and back. Students are encouraged to dress in something fun!

Classique Exotic Choreography

Hair whips and striptease - this class is for getting sexy! Bring your heels and sexy attitude. We will transform pole choreography into exotic, hot an powerful performances no matter what level your pole game is. Build your confidence and your core with this sexy choreography class.

Competition or Showcase Training

Ready to perform?  Whether you want to perform or are getting ready for a competition, we have classes for you. We have choreography to help any performer looking for a routine or help with training advanced pole combinations.  If you just want to learn how to perform, we can help with this too!

Intro to Pole Basics

Let's get down to the basics of beginner pole! This class focuses on beginner positions, form and technique. It will shape your body, build your strength and improve your balance in a fun, easy-going environment. Motivating music and easy steps allow you to focus on breathing, posture, step transitions, flow around the pole and muscle memory of hand and body positions.

Open Pole

This is an open studio session for personal dance practice and rehearsals. All fitness and skill levels are welcome. There is no instruction offered during open pole.


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