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Co-Owner and Instructor

Coco has been a dance and a Pilates practitioner for over ten years.  She specializes in vintage jazz, Charleston, Lindy Hop and burlesque forms of movement.  She has been featured on TV and in made-for-cable movies and features, and performs as a Charleston dancer with the Patootie Pies of Portland, Oregon.  Prior to the birth of her son, she competed in several competitions, winning or placing in many of them.  When she dances, she loves to have fun and she smiles a lot, making her a favorite of choreographers and audiences.  As an instructor, she encourages her students to develop body awareness, strength, grace and pride in the female form.  Coco holds a MA in Psychology and Bas in both English and Psychology.  In addition to dance, she is a well-regarded designer, jeweler and sells her work across the United States.  Whenever she has free time, she spends as much of it playing and hanging out with her husband and her son.